Cass Tort is the mother of Misumi Makoto.


Cass Tort is described as an incredibly beautiful woman.

Personality Edit


Cass was born in the same country who rose to a high social status as one of Elysion's priestesses.

The fact that her new partner belonged to a race denied by her religion Her adultery with a demon went against the things that she had been taught and was an immoral act towards her fiancé. Despite That Kanart and Cass eloped .

To the her and kanart of them were happy with that. The whole affair may have been nothing but a dog's bite for them. However, one of them was a nobleman who was supposed to be the successor to an important position within the country, while the other was an eminent priestess. There was no way that this would be accepted by those around them. That was why eloping, throwing away their country and social positions in the process, was a natural decision for them.

Opinion on Other CharactersEdit


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