Eris (エリス) is a Forest Ogre who works for the Kuzunoha Company.

Appearance Edit

Vol 06 - 0061

Eris touching the boobs of Sif.

She is short with light-brown skin. Shoulder length hair with bangs that reach her eyes and nose. Her eyes tend to look very expressionless with a perfectly horizontal eyebrows making her looks as if she is sleepy all the time.

Personality Edit

She can be very easy-going sometimes which tends to cause problems for others. But at other times, she can be a crazy genius and tends to come up with strange ideas. She, like other Forest Ogres, were initially very hostile to all other races.

Biography Edit

History Edit

Present Edit

Gods and goddesses

  • Tsukuyomi
  • Daikokuten
  • Athena
  • Susanoo

Eris has a wide range of "wavelenght" enabling Athena and Daikokuten to send her messages and visions, through which the [Floral Ice Prison] dance and uniform are created (resembling a Mahou Shoujo (magical girl)) (Tsuki Extra Chapter 22)

Abilities Edit

Vol 08a - 008

Eris and Aqua executed the dance in order to activate [Floral Ice Prison].

"Kokyu-whatever it is called" || [Floral Ice Prison] || [Ice Hell?]

Eris is a kind of medium, serving Daikokuten and Athena as a way to observe Makoto and especially Athena sending information on the origin world, such as magical girls and other things.





Makoto's Students: Eris saves Makoto's Students from a little Dragon




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