Goddess is the deity in charge to the world Makoto was sent to.

Appearance Edit

From what has been shown, Goddess is appears as an adult human woman with a voluptuous figure.

Personality Edit

She is a vain egotistical and arrogant by dismissive way of proceeding others and specially the physical features.

Even though she had the power of creation she seem to care about trivial things like beauty and dismissive anything she sees as ugly.

Biography Edit



Relationships Edit

Heroes Edit

She Selected both of them Well she was dissatisfied with Misumi Makoto Because of his Looks her judgment on the selection is somewhat questionable for one of them

The boy she chose Was far from the qualities of a hero rather simple and easy manipulate fool

The girl she chose has the qualities of a hero as well as it Flaws and in her social position She had flaws in logic to Understanding those struggling to survive in a harsh world

Iwahashi Tomoki:

Otonashi Hibiki: Hibiki sees the Goddess as an unfortunate but necessary existence.

Enemies Edit

Even though she understands the arrangement deal she made with his parents and gods her selfish nature refused to except Makoto Causing her to take to others without permission Causing her to be punished but the others as well being unaware Makoto Activities in her world She had made an arrangement To leave him alone after a few incidents in giving him the ability to communicate with everything

Gods and Goddesses Edit

The Goddess is disliked by all other deities that have been shown.

Supreme Dragons Edit

Abilities Edit

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