Appearance Edit

She was described as a beautiful woman in web novel

Personality Edit

She can be considered as a middle aged woman for a dragon lifespan, for that reason she is sensitive about her age.


Grount lives in the widest desert of the world and is the dragon that is said to possess the strongest defense. She is also known with the nickname of Sand Wave (This information will still continue)

History Edit

Present Edit

Relationships Edit

  • Goddess:

Supreme dragons

  • Root:
  • Tomoe
  • Waterfall:
  • Azuma:
  • Lancer Mitsurugi


  • Iwahashi Tomoki:
  • Otonashi Hibiki:

Hyuman and others

  • Ginebia:
  • Sofia Bulga:

Kuzunoha Company

  • Misumi Makoto


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