He admires shinobis and is aiming to be one. Even if he knows of the difficult for him to become a ninjas, even if others see him more of a wrestler it would be difficult to become a ninja.

Design Edit

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A monk’s stole, belled necklace, and gaiters. His attire was as if it was a mountain priest or a tengu

In his right hand, he held a metal rod that seemed like the ones for a Onis of hell from old stories would use. it is not a substitute for a travelling stick, and it is not a khakkhara used for self-protection This metal rod was a clear blunt weapon.

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Biography Edit

As one of the Arke's who were also suffering from extreme starvation and were driven insane by it and with almost no escape thanks to Mio giving Makoto's energy to he have returned to his senses.

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Abilities Edit

As a Arke's he is capable of using all their natural Ability and produce special material inside the bodies. also extremely intelligent and highly adaptive and have knowledge of alchemy from ancient times and also good at identifying, taking care and production of plants and herbs with medicinal value.

non-combat abilities


Both in and out combat

skilled at learning various types of Magic, Transformation, that allow Arke's to take a Human form.

Equipment Edit

  • StorageRing

It is an item that lets you use Asora like a storage Device or dimensions Space it simply to see it as an item that opens a storage of big capacity.

  • Ninja costume

The defense is high, and in the hidden parts of the clothe, there’s ornamental equipment that enhances it.

Relationships Edit

  • Shii: “Tomoe-sama is training you in body techniques and thread techniques. If we are talking about shinobis, it would be more fitting for us Forest Onis and the Winged-kin after all~.”  Shii explains To him
  • Makoto
  • Mio
  • Haruna
  • Akina
  • Minato