Hyumans are the dominant species in the Goddess' World.


They are the species created by the Goddess. They have the same component and characteristics of humans in the other world (Present World) but the difference is 'magic' which is used to live in this world.

They have beautiful faces, skin and hair. Compared to Misumi Makoto, he is considered as outlast or ugly in their eyes. He can't believe easily on hyuman beside attitude demi is loyal than hyuman.

Traumatically, Hyuman is the first one to make problem in Asora. Eventually, he don't want hyuman directly travel into Asora and selection recruitment is held in Mirage town on Wasteland of the end. Even so, he don't want to make enemy on hyuman side and help other people including hyuman at war with his cheap product, reconstruction, and ship-building.


Hyuman is considered as clever being in goddess world. Hyuman almost get in line on economic side.

However, Hyuman can be cunning in all aspect that Raidou and demi human did not like it. Because, hyuman is claimed as high floor above demi human and make the slave in consequence for don't have money and rule of the goddess world.

In tragedy, war is mayor of hyuman strength and politic in order emotionally in mass killing to become scarce.


Hyuman face is considered as beautiful and tall as prince and princess as god because hyuman is created by the face of goddess who does not want ugly face.

the skin and tall body is the most characteristic on hyuman body that can attract woman and boy. So, in their fight, they almost have image as prince or princess.

there is so many characteristic behind hyuman in another state: immortal and so on, in goddess world.

Abilities Edit

Combat Skills Edit

Average combat skill, nothing can be sort. It is needed to be strong if you train and know how to do it. There is so must cheat when the traveller into goddess world happen. especially, adventurer of origin is living in labyrinth.

Non-combat Skills Edit

Economic is very common on Hyuman race. And, Hyuman can dominate merchant job. Some hyuman even can make a lie about level in adventurer guild. There is so much lie and getting itself isolated because there is beautiful life in there. Politic state and influence is the choice which they make to obtain for.