Jin Rohan is one of the Makoto's students in the Rotsgard Academy.

Appearance Edit

Jin has short, blue hair and blue eyes.
Vol 07 - 004

Personality Edit

Jin is a hardworking young man who desires to grow stronger.

Background Edit

Jun came from a humble background and earned a place within the Academy with his talent.

Chronology Edit

Jin was one of the students who enlisted in Makoto's lessons. He was initially unimpressed with Makoto's appearance and assumed the new teacher as being weak.

Abilities Edit

Jin is a skilled swordsman, with his abilities growing tremendously under Makoto and Shiki's tutelage.

Combat skills

  • Dual-wield
  • Instant enhancement: A body enhancement is applied at the moment an attack connects, resulting in a more increase in attack power rather than normal body enhancement.
  • Sakai imitation: He is able to affect his surroundings and create several effects, the deployment doesn't utilize much magic power. Right now he is able to adjust the gravity and the range of it.

Equipment Edit

Relationships Edit

Kuzunoha Company Edit

Misumi Makoto: He idolized him and personally copying his fighting style and magic abilities. He always praise his name whenever he mingles with his friends or co-workers.








Classmates Edit

Jin acts as the leader of his classmates.

Sif Rembrandt

Yuno Rembrandt





Demon general

  • Rona:

Adventurer's Guild

  • Root:
  • Sofia Bulga

He believes she somebody he knows from the past by a different name and had romantic feelings for her

Merchant's Guild

  • Zara

Rotsgard Academy

  • principal
  • Eva Ansland former Library
  • Luria Ansland former waitress

Other acquaintances

  • Sofia Bulga

Enemies Edit

  • Ilumgand

Quotes Edit

“…The first time we took the class of Raidou-sensei, we were simply showed a mock battle between Raidou-sensei and Shiki-san. At that time, we were probably a lot weaker than you guys here, so they probably didn’t do something like breaking through illusion magic so suddenly because of that. That’s why…I might be slightly jealous of you guys. I don’t have any intentions of having you guys catch up or surpass me, but I can tell you this: as long as you follow the lessons of that sensei, you definitely won’t get weaker.” (Jin)

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