Joshua is the prince of the Limia Kingdom. Joshua is actually female, a secret known to a select few.


Personality Edit

Serious and intuitive

Biography Edit


The daughter of commoner and the King.


Abilities Edit

Skilled negotiator as well Shown great skill in navigating the political

Relationships Edit

Kuzunoha Company

  • Misumi Makoto

She has Even impression of him as someone who is a little Novice to politics and amongst other things But she has seen there would be no point to try to hide the fact that she’s a woman to him After witnessing the events that took place at the Academy and She believes strongly that would be in their best interest to keeping him In good favor with it be the safest route when dealing with him judging that he could be quite dangerous otherwise but not Jatin his entire company

  • Tomoe: 
  • Mio: 
  • Shiki:  
  • Toa:  
  • Lime:   
  • Aqua:   
  • Eris:   
  • Beren  

Royal and nobles

  • Bredda
  • Lily
  • Sairitz


  • Iwahashi Tomoki: 
  • Otonashi Hibiki: Joshua is good friends with Hibiki, and considers the hero her closest confidant.

Guild Master

  • Root: