Komoe the 2nd fragment created by "Tomoe" after the death of the 1st one Tomoe Mini. Like the previous one, her role is to help supervise and collect information regarding the alternate space Asora.

But she has been given more power and strength compared to the previous one, to the level that she is one of the strongest individuals in Asora, and has the additional role of supervising the combat training of other combat oriented inhabitant's of Asora.

Appearance Edit

She looks like a child version of Tomoe.

Personality Edit

Naive and playfull she is passing time mostly with inhabitants of Asora.

Etymology Edit

Makoto gave her name as thinking as "She looks like a chibi Tomoe, so I gave her a random name like Komoe."

Biography Edit



Relationships Edit

  • Tomoe:
  • Mio
  • Shiki:
  • Tamaki:
  • Ema:
  • Patrick Rembrandt:
  • Rinon:
  • Toa:
  • Lime:
  • Aqua:
  • Eris: 
  • Sari:
  • Beren:

Supreme dragons

  • Root:
  • Lancer: 
  • Grount:  
  • waterfall:
  • Azuma:
  • Doma:


  • Otonashi Hibiki:

Demon general Edit

  • Reft

Gods and goddesses Edit

  • Tsukuyomi
  • Daikokuten
  • Athena

Abilities Edit

Equipment Edit

A long katana 

Hobbies Edit

  • She likes bananas. Because bananas help her to retain her strength when she finish her training.
    Komoe banana

References Edit

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