Lily Furont Gritonia is a princess of the Gritonia Empire and a member of Iwahashi Tomoki's party.

Appearance Edit

Lily is a beautiful woman with a bob-cut.

Personality Edit

She has two sides of her personality, one is a kind and good Princess, the other is ruthless and is willing to use manipulate anyone she sees as useful pieces to her plans no matter the method. She has shown to have sociopathic tendencies which she hides well from others, even to those who thinks of her as a friend. She has no problem using even them however she sees fit. Her desire to bring the world to chaos is out of hatred of the goddess and her world.


Lily lost her mother at some point in the past. She blames the Goddess for this.

Abilities Edit

Magic Edit

Non-combat skills Edit

Strategies Edit

She is very skilled in political arenas. She is also skilled in manipulating other people. These are attributed to her ability in masking her emotions and mental state.

Equipment Edit

Relationships Edit

Heros Edit

  • Iwahashi Tomoki: She sees him as a fool and manipulates him into becoming a tyrant using women and will use anything to make that happen
  • Otonashi Hibiki: She already knows that she cannot even trying to control her unlike Tomoki she is someone experience in politics and the skilled read people And aware that she already doesn’t trust her

Guild Master Edit

  • Root:She is aware that root who she know as an adventure Guild master and can see through her But unsure how much He’s aware of her activities but sure he Will not intervene

Kuzunoha Company

  • Misumi Makoto:she sees him as someone that could be great useful but she's already realized he won't be so easy Control like Tomoki
  • Mio:
  • Shiki
  • Lime:
  • Tomoe Being surprised at the discovery that she’s actually Supreme Dragon Had shown an interest in Kuzunoha Company

Member of the hero party Edit

  • Ginebia: Considered the strongest knight in the empire that protects the nobles, one of the royal guards. She was originally a person under Lily and also a close friend, but she is now limited to guarding both Tomoki and princess alike.

Though she has the body of a girl, she has trained to perfection the art of protection and the role of wall. The type of sorcery tool that was given to her is also one that is specialized in defense and her job possesses the name of a superior dragon that is famous for its defense, GrountRoyal Guard Grount is her unique job’s name. being affected by his demon eye

  • Mora: she is a young girl who is 12 years old. She is called the dragon spiritualist and is able to use a special summoning technique, a dragon summoner. She was originally raised in a local village at a family linage of shrine maidens, but because of the demon race’s invasion it was destroyed. Lily took care of her and ended up as her accompanying Tomoki.

The girl who uses dragons doesn’t have a unique job like Ginebia, but it is a rare job that only a few in the world possess. being affected by His demon eye

  • Yukinatsu: Her origins were from Lorel Confederation, but looking for a place where she could do research more freely, she ended up working under Lily. Hearing the numerous unique ideas of the hero, she decided to accompany them. The fusion of armor and magic, the giant power that the ritual implements possess and the replicas of the so called sacred treasures; having an abnormal interest in the creation of these, she is a research type of person. Especially in the armor and magic area, she took a totally different approach from the dwarfs and because of those dangerous views she had, she was driven out of the confederation. Her job is Force Player. It is a rare job that only a few in the area of alchemy possess.

Royals and nobles Edit

nobles and aristocrats who have an inkling of her true nature has shown great caution Towards her

  • Sairitz
  • Joshua

References Edit

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