Mio (澪), previously referred as the Black Spider of Calamity (災害の黒蜘蛛; Saigai no Kuro Kumo), is a unique existence in the Goddess' World. She is presently in servitude of Makoto.

Appearance Edit

Vol 07 - 005

Mio in hyuman form.

In her hyuman form, Mio has black hair with a red headband knot in bloom and wears a luxurious black and red kimono in the style yukata, further the handle have white frills. However do not be fooled her, her kimono has still some defensive power, it can withstand to a certain point to surprise the elders dwarves when it get cut up. She hide her folding fan in her bosom. At simple glance, it doesn’t look like the type that someone could move properly in.

Mio (Spider Form)

Mio in spider form.

As the Black Calamity Spider, she was a giant black spider with razor sharp tips on her legs. Her body restores so fast that you would think that you never injured her. She doesn't talk until she is satiated.

Personality Edit

She can be single-minded and straightforward in her loyalty to Makoto to the point of a dangerous level. Can be very instinctual, intelligent, and can learn how to do things quickly like cooking food for Makoto.

She has no qualms about destroying anyone who intends to do harm to Makoto, regardless of their identity, position, or background.

Before meeting Makoto, she was insane with trying to satisfy her hunger, preventing her from expressing herself in any manner.

Etymology Edit

Her name Mio comes from the japanese word would be a character for zero and water - one of the strong element of Makoto Misumi.

Background Edit

Since ancient times, the "Black Spider of Calamity" had existed and simply devoured everything in its path. It was driven insane with an insatiable hunger, which didn't allow it to have a shred of consciousness and turned her into a mindless beast. The reason for her existence is unknown, but everyone in the World feared her, as she ate anything that was within her reach. This caused various degree of chaos and destruction all around. She also had a knack of going after historical objects or artifact, as they tasted great to her. This caused her to be especially feared by artisans like the Elder Dwarf's, since she destroyed a lot of their creations.

In the past, she once fought Shèn, but left after sometime for unknown reasons, and she doesn't have any recollection of this event.

Before her eventual confrontation against Makoto, she had fought against powerful figures like the Demon General Io and the Hero's party from Limia, though none of them could defeat her. The only reason they were left alive, was because her interest changed and she left the battle field.

Chronology Edit

She has helped adventurers like the Toa party get stronger and she has, in a way, bullied Hibiki in teaching her how to cook Japanese food.

During the invasion, she killed Ilumgand, despite the fact that he had regained sanity, because he insulted Makoto.

She had fought against a Demon General to the point of him losing his mind.

She had fought against Rokuya to a draw or stalemate, only because the both of then used traps to set up each other during the battle.

Abilities Edit

Before her transformation, Mio was best described as a force of nature that could not be subdued. She would attack and eat relentlessly and heal from any wound inflicted on her. After her transformation, she was able to regain her sanity and apply various techniques in combat, making her even more formidable.

Combat skills Edit

Vol 09 - 007

Mio restoring her body while shooting to madness her enemy.

  • Darkness Element Proficiency
  • Regeneration: She has quasi-immediate restoration to the point that even if she has a big hole at her body it will be restore in 1 second or less.
  • Darkness Gun (not the official name):
  • Sky thread, fill. ‘Black Sky Network' :

Equipment Edit

  • Folding Fan
  • Kimono

Creation Edit

  • White Super Sentai Costume: First costume created by Mio, from her Tokusatsu's passion. She give it to Makoto but was rejected and threw away but it was recovered by Shiki thinking that will be waste. Then by the fruit of chance, he was wore by Makoto when he needed to hide his identity. It had some crazy options like the capacities to create a weapon box and to make you do an hero's flying kick. However, it boost your attack power and decrease your defense furthermore it limit the use of magic power to the point that if you use it too much the suit explode. He was partially detroy by Sofia Bulga.
  • Red Super Sentai Costume: It was give to Yuno Rembrandt against some old recipes cooking book. She use it in traning against the Mist Lizard, and that angered Makoto to the point to hit her on the head a lot of times because that remember him the embarrasment of the White Suit.

Hobbies Edit

  • Tokusatsu
  • Pistolet
  • Cooking

Weakness Edit

She loves Makoto so much that the simple thought that the link with him to be cut off for a moment prevents her to think reasonably and anger her to the extreme limit.

Relationships Edit

Companions Edit

  • Misumi Makoto: She is extremely loyal to Makoto and would easily do anything for him. Her hobbies is to cook foods for him and watch his sleeping face during morning or evening.
  • Tomoe: Tomoe is a fellow servant of Mio and has some rivalry for her.
  • Shiki: Mio constantly intimidates and punishes Shiki
  • Tamaki: Like Tomoe, she finds it difficult to trust Tamaki, though probably for different reasons.

Acquaintances Edit

Demon general Edit

  • Rona
  • Io
  • Reft: When he saw her in the Demon Territory, He screamed and fainted, this displeased her as she was a monster.


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