Misura Kazak is one of the Makoto's students in the Rotsgard Academy.

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Misumi Makoto


Jin Rohan


Izumo Ikusabe

Sif Rembrant

Yuno Rembrant




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Misura uses a one-handed sword to fight. He excels in support magic, specializes in swords arts that uses self defence.

Combat skills

  • Pain numbness : numbing the sense of pain to aim for a simultaneous strike.
  • [Carnage Heart] : Shiki named it 'Damage Delay', for around 30 minutes, the damage can come, even an attack that brings death, but at that time, he is able to heal the stacked damage with magic.

Non-combat skills

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“Right. At the very least, I don’t regret at all continuing until now. Your career choices will definitely widen. If you try hard, you can even get bonus training, you know? That training is also incredible, so I recommend it.” (Misura)

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