Naval was a party member of Otonashi Hibiki.


Naval has silver-grey hair.

Personality Edit

Naval is blunt and to the point. She is bent on fighting demons.


Naval dies fighting Demon General Io in chapter 73, "Decision in Stella". She used the Crimson Rose technique to boost her fighting capacity so that she could use "Death Messenger" to try to take down Io. Io survives the suicide attack.


Defensive Tank and Swordsman.


  • Bredda:
  • Wudi: Helped Naval activate Crimson Rose technique that helped push back Demon General Io at the cost of Naval's life.
  • Chiya:  
  • Lily:  
  • Joshua:  
  • Mio: in her old from the black spider she once had difficulty fighting against it 
  • Lime: they knew each other in the past when She was in Tsige for a temporal time,was she was call the Vengeance Oni  

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