The King of the birds in Asora he is bird called Roc://>

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A crazy big blue bird that is neither a eagle nor a falcon.

Etymology Edit

The English form "roc" originates from Arabic ruḵḵ (Arabic: الرُخّ‎, translit. ar-ruḫḫ) and that from Persian ruḵ. In both languages, Arabic and Persian, the word is written in Arabic alphabet as رخ. Common romanizations are ruḵḵ for the Arabic form and ruḵrokh or rukh for the Persian form.

Opinion on Other Characters Edit

  • Misumi Makoto: He is really respectful toward Makoto calling him "King" even against Makoto opinion. He also really respect all people in Asora, telling that if it's people of Makoto he would do nothing against them. He also propose to help Makoto any time he want. He like the wolf, he is grateful that Makoto didn't exterminate them (Him and others birds).

Asora Residents Edit

He has various opinions of each species and person. 

  • Wing-Kin: He does the relation between all the bird in Asora and them to permiit them to cohabit.

Fairy Race

  • Al-Elemera: He promise to don't hunt nor eat them.

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