Root is one of the Superior Dragons watching the world from shadows. She/He is one of the person who built the Adventurer's Guild together with his/her deceased husband.

Appearance Edit

Root can change appearance to look any age and have a ability to change gender

Root as a woman is a tall woman with long straight silver hair.High-level beauty As woman that can captivate anyone who Catch sight of her

Currently Root looks like a teenage handsome boy.

Personality Edit

Has a very flirtatious and easy-going personality like causing mischief and root tends to ignore people no longer had an interesting in includes anyone even if blood related

Root is rarey surprised due to the many things He has seen in a long life and One of the reasons why he likes human they never cease in being interesting

In the past that she really enjoyed her first experience and having children, she was a little overly eager, as described by Rokuya.

Relationships Edit

  • Misumi Makoto: His new playmate, love and sex interest. He/She likes flirting with him in a way that makes him uncomfortable enjoy seeing how things turn out for him. If he ever get a chance to be alone with him or slept with him, he will going to rape and ravish him to get a child from him. As he discovered that Makoto is presumed to be an immortal, he disregard his own gender and choose to become a girl in front of him. The main reason, he finally met someone who will live with him forever.
  • Mio:
  • Lime:
  • Shiki
  • Otonashi Hibiki: find her somewhat interesting just not much root see she is capable in the political field
  • Iwahashi Tomoki: doesn't really find hI'm interesting
  • Lily: root find it enjoyable to see what she comes up with
  • Toa: found the her and her group to be surprising in its growth
  • Joshua:

Relatives Edit

Supreme dragons Edit

it is unknown it blood Relatives she had been manipulating ther memories for sometime causing them to forget about one of them


The 10 members are old acquaintances she is also cause of their immortality I don't exactly has anger feelings towards her in the past the males of the Group truth really did enjoy her company

servants of the goddess

The swords of the goddess

the half God church

Abilities Edit

  • High level of magic skills
  • Abilty to retain memories after reincarnation and changing gender
  • Transformation abilities

non-combat abilities

  • Politics
  • tactician
  • negotiator
  • charm
  • Flirt or seduction
  • mischief
  • information gathering

Equipment Edit

Hobbies Edit

Quotes Edit

References Edit

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