Sairitz is the current empress of the Lorel Union.


Personality Edit

Sairitz has shown to have a strong will and a cunning mind. She is not so easy to read, showing a very polite and calm demeanor while hiding what she’s thinking or plotting, especially how she approaches certain individuals who could be dangerous or an asset.


History Edit

History is currently unknown but at some point in her life she became head of her family in current empress

Present Edit

Relationships Edit

Heroes Edit

Even though she knows both are wise she’s not oblivious to the danger that one of them poses more than the other and having noticed the other one's talents in politics

Kuzunoha Company Edit

She clearly see through the name of the company as something a wise will come up with and has noticed that the company is it very powerful in its own right

she's being cautious In her approaches bringing him to her country as she is convinced that he's a wise even if he somewhat dangerous

Priestess Edit

  • Chiya: “A sister, a daughter, and also a monarch as well. No…that’s not it. ...She is most likely…someone that we…want to protect no matter what.” (Sairitz)

Royalty Edit

Her relationship was the other countries varies between the knowledge ther activities she has on Each person

Acquaintances Edit

  • Daena
  • Misura
  • Izumo :is a member of a branch family that serves Kahara Family as it shield and sword she has plans to utilize him in a political marriage

Kahara household


Very likely capable of using magic to a high degree of skill

non-combat abilities

  • Politics
  • tactician
  • negotiator
  • charm
  • information gathering