Shiki, previously known as Larva, is a Lich that exists in the World of the Goddess. He is presently in servitude of Misumi Makoto

Appearance Edit

Hyuman Edit

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As a hyuman, Shiki appears as a handsome young man with red hair, tied into a ponytail.

Lich Edit

In his lich form he has the appearance of an undead skeleton wearing the garments of a high lich made with magic

Personality Edit

Shiki is first and foremost an intellectual. A workaholic type person, his love for knowledge and research is one of his driving forces. Even his past experience has only been for his curiosity and his changed approach towards people

Background Edit

His Past origins and original name is a bit of a unknown what is easily to get that he was researcher in magic knowledge and a pretty Brilliant one When exactly The point of his death and turning into a lich is also unknown But giving the best information he’s been lich for a very long time with quite a reputation

Present Edit

been known as Larva,a Lich that exists in the World doing experiments of all types he eventually and counted  Misumi Makoto Who he is now in the service of

Chronology Edit

Abilities Edit

Variation of magic Edit

While it can not be compared to a Supreme Dragon, originally Shiki is a Lich (Undead) it is a high ranking existence in the World of the Goddess.Shiki is well versed almost all types of magic, but  his specialty is the magic of "healing", continued from the magic of earth and wind. He has a extent knowledge as researcher of magic theoretical and practical, besides also knowing about many relics and magical objects, and having much experience in the experimentation of magic and living beings.

Post-Contract with Makoto Edit

Although it is true that Shiki is the weakest of Makoto's direct servants, he is more than enough to destroy armies and countries with ease. Thanks to the contract that made with his master, he acquire the "13th steps", which are rings containing enormous amounts of magic because Makoto used them to repress their magical power.

He uses the power of the rings to strengthen his (forbidden) spells and himself, which allowed him to defeat the Superior Dragon Lancer.

After the contract he gain the body with flesh but at will he can change between his hyuman form and lich form.

"13 Step": Edit

1 st Paso; 'Varita mágica'; Empoderamiento mágico

2nd Step; ’Sword’; "Body Enhancement"

3rd Step; ’Cup’; "Magic Power Enhancement"

4th Step; ’Coin’ ; "Equipment Enhancement"

5th Step; ‘Keto; " Supplement Healing"

6th Step: ‘Fray’; ‘Sword Emperor Spirit Possession"

7th Step; "Hell; ‘Mist Temple Nivlheim"

8th Step; "Ragnarok"; -First Chain [Raging] //-Second Chain [Mud Sea] //-Third Chain [Gleipnir]

9th Step; "Gemini"; "Supplements and Fulfills; Servant"

10th Step; "Unknown"

11th Step; "Unknown"

12th Step; "Unknown"

13th Step; "Unknown"

Equipment Edit

  • Staff
  • Ascalon

Relationships Edit

Companions Edit

  • Misumi Makoto: He is the master of Shiki. He is extremely loyal to Makoto and gets angry when someone disparages him or hurts him as is the case with Lancer and Sofia.Makoto also trusts Shiki a lot because he sees him as reliable and the most prudent of his direct followers.
  • Mio: Shiki is often intimidated by Mio.
  • Tomoe "Shèn": In comparison to Mio, they seem to have a relationship with less "violence", however, Tomoe also "punishes" strongly Shiki when he does not do his job well.
  • Tamaki he’s been working with her in various projects

Acquaintance Edit

  • Ema he has a good relationship with her They both similar serious types and And being both Practitioners of magic

Heroes Acquaintance Edit

  • Hibiki and party

Royal acquaintance Edit

Demon general Edit

  • Rona: Shiki knew Rona when he was still Larva.
  • lo
  • Reft

Students Edit

  • Jin
  • Sif Rembrandt
  • Yuno Rembrandt
  • Amelia: He keep vigilant to her who is from the Hopelace family. So, he don't want her recruited into Kuzunoha Family. But after hear that she want to do anything for recruited, she is under agreement that she must do for Kuzunoha Company for Kuzunoha side. In the end, she is recruited as Temporary employee. Anyway, he don't have any love interest to her.
  • Daena
  • Misura
  • Izumo

Gods and goddesses Edit

Enemies Edit

Trivia Edit

  • He has an (excessive) taste for the nabe
  • A Lich is the highest point of an undead, but as a undead is an Earth element existence. In other words, there’s no undead that should be able to go against Behemoth but Shiki is able to fight against him and defeat him (seal him).
  • He is the only one capable of returning to his original form of Misumi Makoto servants

Habits Edit

Tends to overwork himself putting off sleep

Quotes Edit

References Edit

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