Tsukuyomi is the God who helped Makoto in his disastrous encounter with the Goddess.


He dress up the old chinese clothes. He has a moon crown on his top head. His face has a beautiful scenery, with long golden hair and matured body posture.

Personality Edit

Tsukuyomi is a humble individual who helps those he believes he is capable of helping, as long as he thinks it is the right thing to do.

Whenever he helps others, he usually does his utmost to achieve the best possible results.


He has a brother named Susanoo. He always have fun together with other gods. Additionally, he is the only one of the Gods who can be able to handle the Goddess.


It sems that the power of Tsukuyomi is similar to Sakai of Makoto (I know he is the one who give him that power) but Tsukuyomi uses it in a different manner.


Gods and goddesses Edit

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