Waterfall is a Superior Dragon and makes her home in Meiris Lake. She even has a regional religion.

Appearance Edit

a western dragon in the size of an arm

light in her eyes was not that of innocence or purity, but the eyes that would make one clear are those of an adult.

Personality Edit

Diligent And Serious

Background Edit

Chronology Edit

Biography Edit

Waterfall is the dragon that is maintaining the control of Meiris Lake and its surroundings. The reason that faith is directed at it is more because of the gratitude for the blessings it has given to surroundings its power. The mamonos don’t come out from the forest around the lake and they don’t try to increase their Territory It’s no mistake that this unnatural situation is related to Waterfall influence and power And the water that the lake has, has benefited in the expansion of the greenery And Hunters have been in the outer circumference of the forest, and in the several rivers that this lake has created, towns have prospered. In other words, the Waterfall is a dragon that can coexist with hyumans.

is a western dragon that has taken a lake as its territory, and is specialized in the water element that is the best at healing,

In the lake she is like A water god it fit like a Orient dragons

Abilities Edit

In terms of healing, there’s no Superior Dragon comparable to Waterfall

fluent common language

magic Water and frozen lce

Relationships Edit


  • Misumi Makoto: Waterfall sees him a a threat to the world.
  • Iwahashi Tomoki:
  • Otonashi Hibiki: Sees her as a hero who will protect the innocent.
  • Goddess:
  • Root:
  • Tomoe:
  • Azuma:
  • Sofia Bulga:
  • Grount:
  • Lancer Mitsurugi:


Gel a shapeshiftinger

Quotes Edit

“…Raidou, I am impressed that you accepted the request of that free-spirited and troublesome person. I give you my gratitude for returning me to Meiris Lake.” (Waterfall)

Fufufu, I don’t mind you not using -sama, you know? Limia’s hero, Hibiki. Leaving aside if it was actually necessary, I give you my gratitude for guarding Raidou all the way here. I also give my gratitude to the Limia royalty that has been abiding to the contract until now. As a show of my gratitude, I will invite you to my dwelling along with Raidou. It’s been awhile since I have invited people though.” (Waterfall)

References Edit

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