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Force Player.

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Research subject

A subject of Yukinatsu's research into fusing Hyumans with Magic Stones

living Lorel Confederation She took different approach from the dwarfs and because of those dangerous views she had, she was driven out of the confederation

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Her origins were from Lorel Confederation, but looking for a place where she could do research more freely, she ended up working under Lily. Hearing the numerous unique ideas of the hero, she decided to accompany them. The fusion of armor and magic, the giant power that the ritual implements possess and the replicas of the so called sacred treasures; having an abnormal interest in the creation of these, she is a research type of person. Especially in the armor and magic area,

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Iwahashi Tomoki:She has become one of his companions and is under his eyes power

Lily Furont Gritonia:


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