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She harbors feelings of love for Misumi Makoto. who healed and wear beautiful dress in hope Raidou make compliment as her sister Sif. But, Raidou is getting busy lately. So, she can't help just become employee in Kuzunoha Company as part time employee beside Raidou student. In aim, she and her sister can be near Raidou. But, It is not easy despite she and her sister make a move for other student can't near him to confess feeling to him as harem.

A Demon general when she was disguised as a student




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Hm…I don’t really have anything special to say though. You guys are all people that have climbed up with your own efforts instead of relying on your pedigree, right?  Then you must already understand that it will feel easier eventually, and that you will use up all your strength eventually, right?” (Yuno)

Ah right, Sensei spoke about that with father before. He said that using black coated arrows to shoot at the opponent’s eyes was really effective in night warfare. He said that if there’s moonlight, you can shoot as much as you wanted and the bow would be peerless.” (Yuno)

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